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Services Supplied by Our Lafayette, IN, Chiropractor

You'll see when you visit chiropractic Solutions, which serves Lafayette, IN, and the nearby region, our chiropractor offers chiropractic adjustments and a range of other services to help you recover after an injury or better manage your pain. When you visit us, we'll create a customized treatment plan for you that may include any of the following:

Chiropractic Care 

Much of our care falls under the category of chiropractic care. This particular area of our practice includes treatments like a chiropractic adjustment. With this particular treatment, our chiropractor manually manipulates your spine to relieve pressure on the surrounding nerves and soft tissue. It also optimizes circulation and nervous system function. 

It may also include spinal decompression or be the main treatment instead of a chiropractic adjustment. During this treatment, our chiropractor will ask you to lay on your back and will use a machine to separate your vertebrae. It causes the spine to stretch and relax repeatedly, which ultimately eases pressure on the discs and allows them to heal.

Percussion Therapy 

Your tissue can become inflamed. You might have tight areas. Both of these issues will cause pain. Our goal with percussion therapy is to ease your discomfort by loosening those muscles and promoting circulation to the area. The increase in circulation can bring healing nutrients to the area while easing inflammation, and loosening tightness can ease your pain. 

Corrective Exercises

Therapeutic exercise is also part of our care. With this treatment, our chiropractor will guide you through exercises that work the affected part of your body. You'll slowly go through stretches to increase your function and flexion. The goal here is to help promote blood flow to decrease inflammation and to help promote pain relief. Exercises can also help you to grow in strength in the areas that need it the most, particularly if you are injured. This increased strength can help support an injury while it heals, and it can also help you to avoid similar injuries in the future.

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At Chiropractic Solutions, serving Lafayette, IN, and the surrounding communities, we offer chiropractic care as a bulk of our treatments. However, we also provide our patients with other treatments to help with the healing process, such as nutrition counseling and massage therapy. We'll help you find the right options for you. 

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