Tension Headaches

At Chiropractic Solutions in Lafayette, IN, our chiropractor can help treat patients who are suffering from chronic tension headaches. Many people feel that tension headaches are caused by stress, not physical problems. However, this is not always the case. Dr. Weida can help provide chiropractic care for chronic headache sufferers.


See below for more info on tension headaches and how Dr. Weida can treat them.

Causes of Tension Headaches

People often suffer from tension headaches during stressful periods in their lives. This may lead to a misconception that all headaches are caused by stress. However, stress is not the only cause of headaches. The real causes of many tension headaches might be stiff muscles, and even a stiff spine.

Helping to treat these two factors may allow the tension headaches to go away. However, some healthcare providers might focus on treating the symptoms rather than the root causes. This is why chiropractic treatments, which focus on the causes, may be more effective. 

Chiropractic Adjustment & Lifestyle Advice For Headaches

When you come in with a tension headache problem, Dr. Weida will come up with a comprehensive headache treatment plan to eliminate the root causes of these headaches. This plan will likely consist of both spinal adjustments and lifestyle advice.

The chiropractic adjustment sessions can help reduce the stiffness in your back and neck. This will reduce the severity of your tension headaches. Dr. Weida can also provide you with lifestyle advice to help you eliminate the sources of stress. This two-pronged approach to treating stress headaches may be more effective than simply using one method of treatment. Completely eliminating tension headaches may take time, but you may start to notice improvements quickly.

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If you have been having problems with stress headaches, make an appointment with us at Chiropractic Solutions in Lafayette, IN, today. Our chiropractor, Dr. Weida, will meet with you and perform an exam to determine the root cause of the problem. She can then treat your tension headaches with her headache treatment methods. Our staff would be happy to provide you with more info regarding our treatment methods if you like. Feel free to reach out by giving us a phone call. We will give you the info you need and help you make an appointment. Contact us for an appointment today. Call us at (765) 838-3489 for more information.

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